Thursday, November 30, 2006

C'mon now Alton, Miller Lite?

The man who has for years chastised us for things like eating fast food and who so recently had an entire episode about using peppercorns is working with Miller Lite. I feel sold out. Now I'm not a beer snob, but Alton's integrity has just dropped a notch in my opinion for the simple fact that this is the type of product that he would normally rant about. I can't imagine a grocery store scene on Good Eats of Mr. Brown telling Chuck to put down the awful microbrew and grab a case of Miller Lite.

My question is why? Does he think it will really get 'manly men' to cook? Is he trying to expand his audience? Was it just the money? Is this the Food Network's doing? Couldn't he at least have gone with MGD instead of the 'lite?'


Kelly DC said...

I am absolutely floored. Sure Tyler pimping for Applebees, I guess I could see that (and no amount of his shiney teeth are going to make me eat at the place again), but this cuts me to the quick. It's wrong on so many levels I don't even no where to begin

Ole de Cronche said...

I was surprised by his choice, especially since he is somehwat anti-product marketing. I don't care if he likes Miller Lite, it just goes against what he preaches on his show. I don't think any less of him, just curious about the choice.

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