Saturday, December 16, 2006

Alton Brown kicks of the Culinary Series in Naples, Florida

Here's little article about the man and the show:

The geekdom of food

'Good Eats' chef brings his particular brand of passion to new culinary series at the Phil

Friday, December 15, 2006

As much as Alton Brown loves food, he loves teaching people about it more.

What else would lead him to spend a week driving around the American West with a broken clavicle in search of great road food but love? Or inspire him to don a white suit, Col. Sanders wig and facial hair and prepare a cornbread pineapple upside down cake while giving instructions in a fey Southern accent, but genuine passion?

OK, maybe that last bit was just fun.

"We had the wig lying around," Brown explains. "I put it on and just started talking like the Colonel. We'd never done a whole sequence in character before.

"As childish as it is, it was fun."

So love and fun have led the 44-year-old Brown to create one of the most popular cooking shows on cable TV, "Good Eats."

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