Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Good Gumbo Eats

Well, my disappointment with the Tortillas Again episode has completely vanished after watching tonight's gumbo episode. Smooth, crammed full of knowledge and food, and funny too!

When I saw the title I was expecting some reference to Justin Wilson, not a reincarnation of the cajun cook and storyteller (though stangely from Boston). The comedy in this episode was well done, including scenes of Alton sneaking around 'Justin's' set to the deferential knowledge segment. I love the way the guys in costume looked like they were bored stiff at having to go through the skit and the crewman with the light pops in to simulate the heat source. Anyone who has been a longtime watcher of Good Eats will appreciate the way Alton and his crew construct these scenes, especially the BAM! of the cayenne pepper!

There's the enameled cast iron dutch oven again, in fact several of them. I think Alton has a new favorite toy. Maybe we can look forward to seeing one decorated with a flame pattern!

And poor Mr. Fighting Okra! I felt so bad for him being excluded in the gumbo, but I will give the file a try next time and keep some pickled okra on the side!

I rate this episode as Good Eats and Good Viewing!


Anonymous said...

This gumbo recipe turned out great — some of the best I've ever had.

Admin said...

Gad to hear it Mark! Anybody else try this one out; sure looks good! I don't know if I am going to be able to find shrimp with their heads on anywhere in my neck of the woods (Michigan), so I'll have to substitute the broth with something else whenever I get around to the gumbo.

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Anonymous said...

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