Monday, March 5, 2007

Bowl O' Busy

I know, I know, I haven't been keeping as up to date as I usually try to do around here! Getting reacclimated to a daily schedule with my new job, plus now I'm also serving on a jury, has been taking a toll on my free time. I am enjoying it though. i love my new job, much more than I had imagined, and I am also enjoying having a Monday through Friday schedule for the first time in my life. I now know what a "weekend" is!

Before I forget, since I may not get around to it, I have to say that I enjoyed the fresh take on Good Eats in the last episode. I know some people thought Alton looked nuts, but I think that was somewhat planned and it made me feel like laughing. Less props and more Alton was the name of the game(hen) in this last episode. I also like how he split the focus between cooking and the all important topic of sanitation. I'm sure there are a lot of home cooks who don't take this matter as seriously as they should. And why not have fun with it? I'm eager to see what the next episode will bring to the table!

Speaking of Alton Brown; I just acquired a new Alton-inspired gadget that everyone will love. I can't tell you about it now since I need to take a picture and do a test run with it first!

PS If you have been watching the Tara Lynn Grant story unfold lately I can tell you that it has been a shock in my home town! Our local paper typically mentions minor fender benders, deer vs. car accidents, and very petty crime. This past weekend I had helicopters hovering over my backyard and police patrols searching for body parts a quarter of a mile away on the trails I often hike. It is strange to look out my upstairs window and know the parts of a murdered woman were scattered about within view of my house! Very disturbing!

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