Saturday, March 17, 2007

Good Eats: Corned Beef and other treats

The corned beef episode was pretty good. It was lower key and with less frill than most, but the cooking stole the show this time. Well, I can't really say 'less' frill, maybe better executed frill would be more appropriate. The pub scene with Deb Duchon as the barkeep now ranks as one of my favorite Good Eats scene ever! She's always been my favorite 'character' and that just topped it off. The Lady of the Fridge scene was funny too; she's become a regular fixture (like a real fridge) around Alton's kitchen lately.

Of course, today is St. Patrick's Day and it is said that if you wait all night by some sincere slabs of beef brisket the Great Corned Beef will visit. For the rest of us, we'll either have to buy some already prepared or check out Alton Brown's latest creation. I have to admit I have not personally tried most of Alton's recipes yet but this one looks like a winner and easy to make; even if it does take a good amount of time. Has anybody started this project yet? Any Briners out there?

Yesterday I found two treats to satisfy my pomegranate cravings. I was unable to locate any fresh examples in the local fruit market so I had to substitute. First I bought a bottle of juice to tie me over for a while, then I had a great concoction at my favorite mexican joint last night that had midore, Malibu rum, and grenadine (yum!).

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