Sunday, June 17, 2007

Good Eats: Milk Made and Blueberry Preserves

Oh man! I missed a flippin' new episode! Looks like the kickoff for season 11 was Milk Made. I'll have to try to catch it on Friday evening if I'm home. I really need to invest in a DVD recorder one of these days.

On a positive note: my blueberry preserves turned out really well thanks to Alton Brown. I decided that, living in the country, I should learn the age old art of canning. I bought the basics to get me started and made two batches of jam to get some practice before the harvest comes in. My first two were Alton's blueberry preserves and the stock recipe from Ball's canning book for strawberry rhubarb.
I managed to get a couple stalks of rhubarb from a farmer's stash of the first crop and had a quart-bag of blueberries in the freezer from last year to get me started.

The strawberry rhubarb was decent, but too sugary for my taste. The rhubarb kick helped out though. On the other hand, Alton's blueberry recipe was awesome. I'm going to make a huge batch when the blueberries are in season this year.

Today I made a batch of starberry jam from Michigan's first crop of strawberry's. I love being able to go half a mile down the road and pick up, or pick for myself, fresh fruits and vegtables. We'll see how this batch turns out.

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KimberlyKV said...

"Milk Made" was just okay. Alton talked really fast and crammed some good information into the episode, but he wasn't too passionate about it. :)

I made the Tres Leches cake and I really liked it!