Thursday, May 15, 2008

Alton Brown has His Reasons

My FOA2: The River Run DVD set arrived today! Ironically, I finally was able to start reading the accompanying book yesterday. Within the first page I was reminded why I like Alton Brown so much: he has reasons for his work other than fame or money. Of course, fame and money would motivate most people to work harder to achieve their goals, but Alton seems to be pushed along by something a little deeper (though I do have question the old Miller Lite ads).

Why did Alton Brown set out on his journey to find family diners and local joints that aren't plastered on the interstate billboards: because those establishments have long been a part of our traveling culture and are disappearing only to be replaced by generic fast food and non-regional restaurants. I can identify with this purpose. I too remember sitting in the backseat of my grandparents' Impala cruising across Michigan during the summers of my youth; stopping in tiny little towns along the way for donuts or an egg salad sandwich. Maybe in a few years I'll have a bit of time to retrace my steps and see what is left out there.

Since I will starting to work part-time from home in a few weeks and spending the rest of my time changing diapers and sitting in front of the TV with my little Angel cradled in my arm; I plan to take advantage of the situation for a full-blown FOA review. Starting with the first season and proceeding throught he second and the book I would like to take a second look into Alton's mind and write up some reviews/my thoughts on Alton and the foodie adventures. If I'm lucky it will be finished by the time FOA3 debuts!

If you haven't picked up either DVD set I highly recommend ordering them. The voice-overs Alton provides and all of the extra footage really gives a deeper insight into Alton Brown as a person and how extensive and difficult the task really was.

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