Sunday, July 6, 2008

New Good Eats Episode: Tuna, Surprise!

What's Alton Brown up to this week?  Well, looks like he'll be getting a visit from an old commercial icon to see what Good Eats he is able to create with a can of tuna.  A little Sandra Lee influence after her weekend marathon?  We'll have to wait and see :-)

Tuna, Surprise! airs Monday, July 7th at 8:00pm with a follow up at 3:00am.


JonMcP said...

Hey- just picked your blog up off of at home I, too, am a big AB fan. That and kids shows are the only thing on our DVR


Anonymous said...

Did anybody else notice taht at about 17mins into the show (when Alton is talking to the Feds) that an 8 year old girl emerges from below the table as if she were some sort of Lewinsky lolita! Who OK'd the AB gets head scene!?!??!