Friday, August 29, 2008

Feasting on Waves

The next installment of Alton Brown's Feasting series is coming!  Feasting on Waves begins airing in September on Food Network.  The first episode will run Sunday night, September 7th, at 10:00pm EST.  Not a very good time slot for a new series, but it will air again on a more reasonable Wednesday night (10th) at 8:00pm.  After just watching Feasting on Asphalt 1 and 2 a few times; I'm pretty geared up for this one.

Food Network link to FOW show information

Alton Brown site link for FOW linkage

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Will said...

I was just thinking that it was too soon in this endeavor to take it to the seas. There are still so many great American roads/trails that he could've traveled. The Oregon Trail, US Highway 1, the path of the Donner party.

Hmmm, I wonder if there's any barbecue joints along that last one.