Monday, November 3, 2008

New Good Eats Episode Tonight: Edamame

Alton Brown returns with another new Good Eats episode tonight: Edamame.  It will be interesting to see what direction this one takes after last week's Sweeney Todd program.

"That culinary chameleon the soy bean turns up as edamame when host Alton Brown takes it from the sushi bar and into the kitchen."


Robert said...

I have been looking for how to dry roast the Edamame for the brittle recipe. Does anyone know how he did it?

Rich C. said...

He doesn't list a recipe for dry roasting edamame with the other dishes from the show or on his website. You might be able to pick them up somewhere like Whole Foods market or Trader Joe's.

Anonymous said...

I can't find a recipe either; It seems we are of the same mind. I'd love to try the dry roasted edamame, but I already bought a bag of frozen ones, so I'll experiment.

I'm gonna soak them in a tiny amount of salt water for about an hour, then drain them, salt them again, and roast them in the oven for about 30-40 min (I'll test them for crispiness). It shouldn't be too hard. I'll post results soon...

BTW, I'm Ken. I just don't want to bother making an account :-)

Anonymous said...

Well, some surprisingly early results:

I thawed a handful in water. Changing the warm water three times yielded thawed edamame in about 10 min. I then cut open the pods and squeezed out the beans (BTW, this is Ken again, and also BTW, the edamame are C&W brand bought in the local Stater Brothers frozen food isle.

After about 10 min soaking in salt water (I'd say about a cup of water and about 2 Tb of salt), I realized that these things are impervious to brining, so drained them. I sprinkled salt onto the wet beans and tossed them. I put them in a 425° oven, and after 30 min, were browned (too much). Trying one, it was still wet inside. 425 is too high. I then put them in a 250° oven for another 30 min, and they came out nice and crispy. Overall not bad, but I think 350° for an hour and 15 might be good. I'll try again soon. This is not bad though, and it would be great in the brittle. Take care.