Sunday, May 3, 2009

New Good Eats Episode Monday: Tamale Never Dies

"Brown.  Alton Brown"  I'm imagining a definite James Bond theme to the tamale episode; should be entertaining if nothing else.  Of course, Good Eats is rarely only entertainment!  AB will be cooking up another River Run influenced dish: tamales.  I've never been a huge fan, despite having several authentic Mexican establishments nearby, but I'll give tamales another shot.  The recipe list on the Food Network site includes both hot tamales (pork) and turkey tamales.

Catch it Monday night at 8PM EST on Food Network.

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Amrita Das said...

Dear Mr. Brown,
I enjoy your show, especially the way it brings food history, science etc together with the experience of making and eating food. I am a professor, so I love the teaching elements. I watched your Tamales episode, and enjoyed it too, especially because I teach Latin American and US Latino literature and culture. I am also writing to say that it irked me to see that the word "Colombia," the country in Latin America was spelled as "Columbia," while referring to the variations of Tamales. It is a very common error, which I see my students making ALL the time even after being told otherwise. I hope you can make sure that your team fixes that error.

And if you say Lard is as good, I will give it a try.
Muchas gracias.