Thursday, July 9, 2009

Where is Alton Brown?

Flipping through the latest edition of the Food Network magazine I notice, for the second issue in a row, an Alton Brown drought. It makes me wonder what the marketing and programming execs think of his show. It's informative, entertaining, and above all it's about actual cooking. Being that Good Eats is the only real cooking show left on prime time Food Network; it appears that FN is headed down the road of mindless entertainment that History Channel and others have fallen to. If history is now about loggers and fishermen, then obviously all foodies want is reality shows about cake.

So, the magazine. No Alton, no Giada, but there is Sandra and and even Jamie Oliver talking about making lunches for his strangely named children. And of course Bobby Flay is all over. How did he become the poster child for FN? Really, can't somebody else rehash the same southwest dishes over and over now? There's also plenty from all of the newer stars. Is the FN magazine just an advertising campaign for the next generation of foodie fodder?

Where's Alton? There's plenty in this issue he could have contributed. Ellie Krieger is making granola bars, there's an article on punch, a question about if any chefs tape shows at home, Ted Allen answering food science questions (including broiling with the door ajar), etc. All classic Good Eats and Alton Brown themes. I like to think Alton is just too damn busy with all of his other projects to contribute. Yeah, that makes me feel better. OK, I've rambled enough and have to get back to painting the living room now.


Moses37 said...

Yeah! I'm getting tired of cake makers and Bobby Flay too! Bring on some Good Eats with Alton!

Mise En Place said...

I'm going to say AB is very, very busy and just can't work in the time to being in the magazine.

That's what I'm telling myself.

But knowing the editor of the magazine is the former editor of Rachael Ray's magazine, I can totally understand the lack of AB in it.

Alexis said...

You guys should read - they are just as sick of Flay and the rest of the people on the food net as you are!

One SAHD Dude said...

Thanks Alexis. Food Network Addict is another great site for FN humor; lots of Sandra Lee on there.

Lisa, are you forking out the dough for the 10th GE bash? I'm sure AB would give you a free pass if he ever saw your blog. Then again, he might run ;-) jk

Mise En Place said...

I've got my tickets, yes forking over the dough. I figure AB will have to talk to me and not run away. LOL ;)

Kerry said...

To celebrate the 10th Anniversary season, Alton is coming out with an official Good Eats book that covers the first 80 episodes of the show! You can go to the publisher's website to see a book trailer and view samples pages:

I work for the publisher, so please feel free to connect with me directly to set up some special promotion like a book giveaway on this blog.

One SAHD Dude said...

Thanks Kerry, I'll be in touch.