Monday, August 24, 2009

Alton Brown Poll Monday!

Last week's poll asked what type of meat you cook with the most.  While I wasn't surprised to see chicken in the top slot (44%) I was shocked to find that only 7% are big pork fans.  Hey, this is an Alton brown site after all and Alton loves pork!  To add to my surprise, pork was roughly tied for last place with the no meat option.  I was curious to see if there were any vegetarians/vegans following Alton since he does cover a good variety of foods.  Beef and fish fell into the middle slots at 28% and 14% respectively.

The results of last week's poll leads me into this week's poll topic.  As we have seen in the Feasting series, locality and culture have a great impact on the types of food people eat in America.  I think it will be interesting to get a rough idea of where Alton Brown fans reside and compare that to their favorite meat (or non-meat) choices.  Being that our country is so diverse, I'll only list general regions: pick the one you would most closely associate with.  I know I'll miss some major distinctions, but this poll could get really long.

So, Alton Brown fans: where do you live and eat and watch Good Eats?  If you live outside of the USA, please select "Other Region."

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