Monday, August 3, 2009

Busy, Busy Alton Brown

Alton's always on the go nowadays.  This past weekend he was in Nashville for the Food Network Food and Wine Festival; then at the end of August is the 10th anniversary Good Eats show in Atlanta, and he also has yet another cookbook coming soon.  But first, a new Alton Brown video!

I ran across this video interview of AB from Zap2It regarding AB's five most important multitaskers in the kitchen:

Onto the next segment: Alton Brown at the Food and Wine Festival.
I'd love to see AB in person, and I'd love to visit Nashville, but toddlers don't travel all too well!  Anyhoo, one thing I caught mention of by a few people who were able to attend is that Alton has lost a good deal of weight.  I know he's been going on about it for the past couple of years and it looks like he has finally hunkered down and shed the pounds.  (maybe he'll inspire me :-))  For more details I'll forward ya'll to to the All About Alton blog, run by Lisa aka 'Mise en place', who was lucky enough to attend this weekend event!

And to wrap things up, I had my own AB inspired event this weekend.  We took our daughter blueberry picking Friday and I made AB's blueberry buckle from the Kinda Blue Good Eats episode.  It turned out really well, despite using AP flour instead of cake flour; crunchy on top and moist inside.  I also added a few drops of vanilla extract for an extra kick.  Sadly, no pictures and it's long gone now.  Food Network does have the whole buckle GE clip available though.

Coming soon: I'll get some info posted on AB's upcoming cookbook.

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