Monday, August 10, 2009

Monday Poll: Favorite Feasting Series

Alton Brown fans know what they want, and looking at last week's poll and the comments from readers it is another decade of Good Eats!  Food Network would be wise to listen to its long time viewers when it comes time to decide on their lineup.  Of course, it shouldn't take a genius to realize that people started watching Food Network because the shows were about cooking and not reality gameshows.

Due to the popularity of last week's poll, Monday is now Alton Brown Poll Day!  Every Monday I'll come up with something new for you, my wonderful readers, to vote on.

It's the height of summer.  People are packing up their cars, trucks, RVs, boats, and motorcycles and hitting the road.  What better time to pul out the Feasting on Asphalt DVDs, grab a cool drink, and plot my next vacation?  So, this week's poll is: What is your favorite Feasting series?  As for myself, I'd rank them in the same order they appeared.  The first FOA is definitely my favorite.  The amount of ground they covered, the seamless soundtrack, and the fun they had along the way really made the show.  My favorite part was Alton's narration on the bonus feature with the DVD set.  It really opened up a window into not only what he was thinking in terms of producing the show, but also how he actually felt during the trip; his hopes, fears, doubt and relief.

I'm going to dig out my DVDs now, so hop on over to the lft there and vote on your favorite FOA series.  And, as always, feel free to post a comment or two.


Anonymous said...

Where can one purchase the Feasting on Waves DVD set? I have looked all over for it and can't find it anywhere. Why is that?

Lauren said...

Waves hasn't been released on DVD yet. However, if you do a little spelunking online... you can find the episodes. ;)

One SAHD Dude said...

Thanks for stopping by!

Like Lauren said, it's not on DVD, but can be found on the

Food Network also has several clips from the series and you'll likely see some of the 10th anniversary Good Eats ads too.

For some reason they don't have the DVDs but they do have the geeky floppy hat...