Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Alton Brown on the Move

Alton Brown's a busy guy these days with lectures, book signings, etc.  Here are a couple of dates for upcoming Alton appearances:

Book Signings for Good Eats: The Early Years:
Tuesday, October 13
Brookline Booksmith at Coolidge Corner Theatre

Wednesday, October 14
Arlington VA
Sur La Table - Pentagon Row

Thursday, October 15
Borders - N. Michigan Ave

Friday, October 16
Third Place Books - Lake Forest Park, WA

Saturday, October 17
San Diego
Costco - Fenton Pkwy

Sunday, October 18
Location TBD

Also, Alton Brown will be giving a performance at the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History at 7PM Wednesday, Oct. 14.  I'm interested to hear if this is just going to be a rehash of the Atlanta performances or something new.


Spook said...

I'm going to the one on the 17!! I'm flying home from San Francisco State on Friday. Not only is the 17 MY BIRTHDAY, but who in the right mind would miss AB if they had the blatant opportunity to meet him? ;) Granted, for me it does mean coming back home ($178.20) and getting a Costco membership ($50), buying the book ($30-ish) and paying my friend for gas ($20), that's why I'm a saver. It serves one well in epic times that require money. Haha. :D

Steve in SF said...

Alton! Why aren't you stopping in San Francisco? Dude, it's on your way from Seattle to San Diego.

Yeah, its Me said...

We'll be ready and waiting in Austin this weekend!

Matt said...

The Smith lecture rocked. It was just AB on stage in a cozy auditorium lecturing on his 10 axioms that he believes to be true about food. Lots of audience Q & A and a book signing after the lecture. Awesome time - AB at his snarky, funny, geeky best.

Karen said...

I went to the Chicago signing yesterday. We drove two hours to get there and arrived around 4:30 but already 100 people were there. Madness! The third floor of the Borders was packed! AB gave some great answers, he was very witty and a bit sarcastic, a combination I love. He vowed to stay and sign everyone's book, which shows what a great guy he is. Folks, arrive as early as you can to these signings.

Lauren said...

I went to Brookline & had a fan-stinkin'-tastic time! :D

Anonymous said...

My husband, 9yr old son and I went to the Seattle signing. They said it sold out, but we waited until the line was gone,(it wasn't that long) then went into the store and got seats. The Q & A part was hilarious. I was hoping he really was naturally that funny and he was. He stood the entire time including through the signing. Was so kind, got pictures with him and all. It ended up being a fantastic evening. He was great. The weight loss did him well, he looks fabulous.

One SAHD Dude said...

Glad to hear people are getting it out to the signings and it sounds like Alton has been making it worth your time!