Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Chris Cognac 'The Hungry Detective" on Fine Living Network

Hey Chris Cognac fans, Hungry Detective episodes are currently airing on the Fine Living Network.  If you don't know Chris Cognac, most Alton Brown fans will remember the jovial LA cop from the first Feasting on Asphalt.  His short lived series, Hungry Detective, only lasted one season on Food Network, but still pops up once in a while.  I enjoyed Chris' every day Joe style to that of Guy 'winner winner chicken dinner' Fieri's showboating.  Chris is also a restaurant reviewer in addition to being a law enforcement officer, which gives a bit of weight to his choices and critiques.

Not sure what Chris is up to nowadays.  His old blogs haven't been updated for quiet some time.  Chris, if you're out there, how about an update?  I think Alton needs to find a way to work him into an episode of Good Eats or whatever future road trip he takes!

Wait!  Is that burger on Alton's diet plan?  :-)  Looks like it may contain things from a few of his lists though...

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PJ Mullen said...

It's getting to the point between Bobby Flay and Guy Fieri that you can't watch the Food Network and not watch either of them. I'm down to Good Eats and the occasional Iron Chef America.