Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Alton Brown on Chicken and Dumplings

Just when I thought Alton had traded in his old clothes for a new coffee bar Hipster wardrobe, the infamous bowling shirt makes a come back!  Poor guy.  He probably gets tons of fan mail telling him what to wear, how to get his hair styled, and asking how many watches he owns.  :-)

Chicken and dumplings.  I have to admit, I do not recall ever having a bowl.  I tell you this though, it looks darn good.  I love chicken noodle soup and those dumplings can't help but take it to the next level.  Dropped, rolled, twirled, thrown, flopped.  I can't say one way of the other which method of dumpling making is better; or even if one is better.  Every time I make chili it is completely different; why can't my chicken and dumplings be that same way?  I know, let's have a poll while I think over which method to test first.

New poll!!!!  How do you prefer your chicken and dumplings.  Look over on the left side of the page for your options and vote away!  Knowing that the majority of my blog readers come from all parts of the US and Canada, the results should give a rough and thoroughly unscientific guesstimate of the North American dumpling preference.

p.s.  I bought a new stock pot today with this episode in mind.  I really can't see getting enough use out of a pressure cooker, but a good stock pot will definitely come in handy!


Will said...

That was not anything resembling true chicken and dumplings. Alton continues to slide into mediocrity.

John Nelson said...

His looked alot like every recipe that I have seen. Sure it didn't have vegtables like some do but it didn't have condensed soup the way some do too.
So please enlighten us as to what constitutes true chicken and dumplings and not mediocre ones?

Mythell said...

While you can find chicken and dumplings like Alton made in my area it is just as common (if not more) to find chicken and biscuits! Basically same thing as chix & dumplings but instead of a thin broth it is a thick gravy with chicken in it. Oh and not dumplings but biscuits. I wonder if this is considered a totally separate thing or just another derivative of chix & dumplings.

firstbasecoach said...

Gotta say we never had chicken and dumplings that fell into either category. I suppose that we were the group guilty of being lazy. I look forward to trying the drop dumplings first. They look easier and oh, so tasty.