Thursday, April 8, 2010

Good Eats: The Middle Years

Good Eats: The Middle Years is now available for pre-order though Amazon.  As has been the norm lately, the new book is already being offered at a discounted price.  Officially, The Middle Years is due on the shelves October 1st, though Amazon customers got lucky and received theirs a few weeks in advance (oops!).

Publishers Stewart, Tabori & Chang are sure to roll out another well laid out and detail volume for Alton Brown.  The new cover art is an obvious homage to James Bond, whose references often crop up in Good Eats episodes from the infamous "W" to quirky gadgets around the kitchen.  I've recently been going through some recipes in The Early Years and am eagerly awaiting the next issue!  I also can't help but to notice the words "includes bonus DVD" at the bottom of the cover.  Hopefully it will feature some good behind the scenes footage.

While there is not yet any information on the publisher's site, below is the product description from Amazon.

"Good Eats: The Middle Ages picks up where Good Eats: The Early Years left off, showcasing everything you ever wanted to know about Alton Brown's award-winning television show, Good Eats, with behind-the-scenes footage, recipes, cooking tips, show trivia and much more. Nobody conveys the science of food and the chemistry of cooking better than Alton Brown. His particular genius is teaching viewers the chemistry of cooking and baking with levity and a wink and a smile. On his long-running TV series, Good Eats, Brown explains everything culinary from how to properly cook a steak to how to make beer at home. With episodes titled "The Frosting Man Cometh" (ganache, 7-minute frosting, icings), "Fit to be Tied" (meat roulades), "French Flop" (omelets), and "A Beautiful Grind" (sausage-making), Brown always finds a way to present the science lesson with humour and wit. With hundreds of photographs from the set of the show, along with Alton's inimitable line drawings and signature witty writing, the book is the comprehensive companion to the show and just what his fans have shown they will buy."


Mknight said...

Any Idea what seasons it will cover?
Can't wait to get my hands on it no matter what and seeing any updates to the applications from the show.

One SAHD Dude said...

Can't say for sure since the publisher doesn't have any info up yet, but I'd guess through season 12 since 13 is still ongoing.