Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Alton Brown has a New Series: America's Best

Alton Brown will be hosting America's Best on the Food Network coming up in mid-September (20-23). The episodes will be divided into the Top Destinations, Regional Classics, Sweets, and Comfort foods. Not sure how many episodes will be airing, but from the listings there are a lot of places to cover.  From the get go this is looking more like a popular spots rehash than anything like Feasting on Asphalt.  Hopefully Alton lends some charm and/or interesting insight to the series to keep viewers from boredom.  Quickly glancing over the lists I see the ol' standard Hominy Grill yet again listed under regional cuisine for Charleston, SC.  Shrimp and grits?  No surprise there, it's on the menu of practically every eatery in the area.  Hominy Grill, of course, has been on just about every FN show to visit Charleston.  Is it a great place to eat?  Yes.  Is it that much better than the myriad of other restaurants in the area?  No.  Is it too much to expect a little more variety when FN produces these shows over and over?  Guy Fieri may not be everybody's favorite character, but at least his Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives finds new locales for us to see.  And one only needs to look to Feasting on Asphalt to see what is truly possible in the search for good food.

With that said; I do hope America's Best turns out to be and interesting, or at least entertaining, series.  I hate to see Alton become just another talking head for Food Network and lose touch with his creativity in film.


Anonymous said...

i'm excited for more Alton!

Comic Book Literacy said...

I was hoping for more Feasting on Asphalt

Anonymous said...

I thought Alton was dieting now, how's he going to eat at places like that and NOT gain weight? Why doesn't he just leave Food Network, that channel is getting too trashy for someone like him anyway.

Jill Michel said...

Ugh, I'm worried about Alton. First,
his production company is not listed on his Good Eats credits - hasn't been in some time now.

Now he's doing Food Network stuff, and his genius isn't doing other folks' schticks. He's never seemed to enjoy doing Food Network's silly programs - he gets sharp-tongued and awkward.