Tuesday, September 28, 2010

America's Best, Not so Great

Wow, caught up with America's Best last night and was really disappointed.  Over the years I've seen countless 'best of' food shows and they are typically mildly interesting or at least somewhat amusing for half an hour.  America's Best, despite having Alton Brown as the host, really fell short of the mark.  The series is obviously created by the hipster foodiefans at Food Network Magazine who believe charging an arm and a leg for average food at some swank joint qualifies as the pinnacle of cuisine.  After watching the American Classics episode I didn't have the heart to watch Sweets and just deleted it from the DVR.  I'm sure Alton gets paid plenty by FN for these hosting gigs and I can't blame him.  As we've seen on Feasting on Asphalt and GE, AB does actually care about food.

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