Tuesday, September 21, 2010

America's Best Poll

I haven't put up a poll in a long while, so here's your chance to have some fun.  The first episode of America's Best is still waiting for me on the DVR, so let me know what you all think of the series.  Does Alton bring along his quirky personality to spice up the tired genre of 'best of' food shows or does it drop flat?  I'm a fan of Good Eats Alton and live show Alton, but find Iron Chest Alton to be kind of bland.  Curious to see how viewers think he handles America's Best.



Darcy said...

As I mentioned on GEFP this morning, we're geeky fans of AB, tend to catch whatever we can, but even we turned this off last night.

Jill Michel said...

Well, I was not even sure I wanted to watch it.

But to my surprise, it was enjoyable, (for a Food Network-type show), and I've been having AB-withdrawal pangs since they quit showing him at 8 PM.

His dialogue was his own, and although he got flustered at the finale (he always has a hard time with his Food Network obligations),
I'm taping all 4 & happy to have them.

Leslie said...

I fast forward through the food parts and just watch AB's intros. He's great, the rest of it is a typical FN yawn.

Anonymous said...

Gotta say I think all the "Best Of" are not that interesting in general - seems like an inexpensive way for Food Network to fill air time. But I thought AB made them good. And I got some ideas for serious comfort food!!

One SAHD Dude said...

So far some mixed results. I only caught a bout two minutes last night, but wanted to wait until I can sit down and watch two episodes undisturbed (not easy with a toddler around).

Karen said...

I would watch or listen to Alton doing anything. Boiling water, for instance. I agree that the "best of" types are getting old, all the same.