Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Alton Brown Appearances

Alton Brown is currently making the rounds at a few fundraisers and other speaking events.  Yesterday he gave a presentation at Georgia State University.  College students are great with cameras, so there are probably some videos on YouTube already.

This weekend:
Alton will be doing a fund raising appearance at the school his daughter attends; the Walker School in Marietta, Georgia on Saturday.

Coming up in March:

Alton will be at the Hippodrome Foodie Experience in Baltimore, Maryland March 19th.  Tickets start at a hefty $94, but does include an aftershow tasting event.

Alton will also be making an appearance at a gumbo cookoff which is raising money for people affected by the Gulf oil spill and for the Dauphin Island Sea Lab in Dauphin Island, Alabama.  The March 26th event tickets range from $125 - $130.


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