Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Everything but the Boule

I was glued to the TV watching Alton's latest installment of Good Eats since, like AB, I absolutely love bread pudding.  It's also something I've never attempted to make at home since my wife, generally, is the baker/dessert queen.

I picked up everything missing from my cupboards for this application except for one: the boule.  I shop at a local Italian market with a wonderful bakery, though the only bread they make is the standard Italian loaf and some rolls.  They did have three large boules from an outside bakery, but for some odd reason they were all sliced.  The rest of the specialty bread was whole grain, rye, etc.  So, no bread pudding today :-(  I'll have to venture out to another Italian bakery down the road to try my luck or, if that fails, take a a bit of a drive over to Panera Bread or any other bakery I can find within reasonable distance. Another option for future testing is to use the small boules I make every week.  They're only about 6 inches, but could make a perfect dessert for holidays.  But that's another post :-)

p.s.  It was sad when Alton and Thing pulled out the giant binder of categories for 'another show.'  You never now though, AB might run another series some day; even if only from behind the camera.

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Siddhartha Nonentity said...

Why not bake your own bread, as per episode 819, Dr. Strangeloaf? Granted, I've never actually had bread pudding, but as I understand it the only qualities he required (upon a single watching of the bread pudding episode) was a round loaf that contains no additives to prevent drying out. What better way to ensure those additives aren't present than to bake your own bread? I don't remember if it was sourdough or not he was after, and furthermore I don't remember if he touched on sourdough breads in the Dr. Strangeloaf episode, but this is the kind of ingenuity is what makes Good Eats special, no?

Sincerely, a novice cook and the newest fan of this blog.