Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Good Eats Reruns Back on FoodNetwork

Good Eats reruns will resume Monday in a new timeslot: 11:00AM.  That's right, Good Eats in the morning.  I can't remember ever seeing Alton Brown before dinnertime.  Of course, this goes along with FoodNetwork's trend in recent years of killing any and all actual cooking shows during prime time to make way for more reality shows.  I'm surprised they moved GE to a weekday schedule instead of during the weekend cooking show mix where Alton's quirkiness seems more at home.

In other news, Alton posted on Twitter today that the new, yet temporary, revamp of his will be up on July 1st.  I'm hoping he plans on bring back the Alton Shop, yet with a better selection of Alton Gear this time around.  I'm also hoping for some more info on the upcoming Good Eats BBQ special soon.

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Jill Michel said...

Wow, thanks for your sleuthing! I've
been trolling FN to find out where they hid AB, and decided they've cut Good Eats out forever. (But I was only
looking at evenings & after midnight.) Then I read your latest to find out it's on at 11 AM! Who'd a thunk it! FN is so weird.

I've taped all the GE's shows but some are missing beginnings or endings and I really want to get them right. It looks like they are never going to put all his shows on DVD.

Thanks again!