Thursday, April 19, 2012

New Good Eats Webisodes in the Works

According to Alton's Twitter post this morning, he and the crew are busy at work shooting some Good Eats shorts for Food Network's website! So, maybe Good Eats isn't totally dead and buried yet. From Twitter: "Oh, and Good Eats fans, we're busy this week shooting a bushel of new short form "webisodes" for" Also in AB news: Alton Brown has been looking into starting a food related podcast and possibly an ebook in the near future.


Caribbean Culinary Tours & Vacations said...

Hi Chef Alton, I am glad that you are still doing what you do best cooking and teaching the history of food. I have been a viewer of your show when you first started out. My Son was then 10 years old and loved you.He is now in college(You are getting old man) We also love your show on Anguilla any plans for another show? Give us a shout out when in the area

Ebony Mackey said...

Hello Mr. Brown,

Continue to keep up the great work that your doing. I love to watch your show. You always give great tip bits on food and cooking. Keep up the great work.