Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Fry Turkey Fry

I've always wanted to try making a fried turkey, but Alton's latest show has scared the heck out of me. I can just picture my house going up in flames as I dine on fried turkey!
However, I will overcome my fear and try this recipe sometime during the holiday season. I'm glad it only takes a mere thirty minutes as I live in the cold north and won't be enjoying a cold beverage while I wait; more like a hot cup of cocoa while bundled up!

I'd love to hear from anybody who tries to build his ladder/pulley system. Was it easy and how much did it cost?
The Turkey Derrick instructions on Alton's Site


FLJerseyBoy said...

I don't know what inspired you to start this blog this week. But I just started to watch Good Eats recently, and thought the turkey derrick was a perfect bit of genius!

Ole de Cronche said...

Glad you stopped by!
I've been watching Good Eats since the first season and still watch it at least once a week. Things like the turkey derrick and the scientific explanations make it so much more interesting than your typical cooking show!
Hope to see you around here again!