Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Major Pepper

Who could combine a bit of history, a hardware review, a botanical lesson, and four recipes into a single half hour show and top it off with a Beatles theme to boot? Why Alton Brown of course!

I would rate this as one of his more creative shows; especially since he was able to pack so much in there. I guess that's what makes Good Eats such a successful show and keeps me coming back for more every week.

Aside from all the extra content in the show, there were four recipes from the themed ingredient:
Peppered Vodka
Slow Cooker Peppered Pork Chops
Black Pepper Mango Sorbet
Four-Pepper Deviled Eggs

Now I probably won't try the vodka or sorbet, but I know the pork chops and deviled eggs will be on my table soon. I may just start with a single pepper variety for my eggs and then work from there to adjust to my taste. And as for the Beatles, I'll have some tunes playing on my iPod while I'm cooking!

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