Monday, February 5, 2007

Alton Brown and Chicken Soup

Alton is mentioned as one of the experts consulted by this article's author on making a good chicken soup; though I can't say that his influence had much effect when looking at the resulting recipe. Here is the section mentioning Alton:

A quick chicken soup that tastes like it took 2 days to make

Associated Press

"My final expert was Alton Brown, known for his Food Network program “Good Eats,” which explains the science behind food. He, too, favored making stock. But he does not oppose cooking the pasta in the soup.

He said he likes the starch from the noodles because it helps thicken the soup. This was a winner for me, partly for the ease of eliminating the step of cooking the pasta on its own, but also for the added thickening power.

Brown also keeps the seasonings simple, relying mostly on the addition of black pepper, fresh parsley and lemon juice just before serving. The lemon juice, he explained, heightens the flavors of the chicken, as well as just about everything else.

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