Thursday, February 1, 2007

Tortillas Again - Semi-Review

Though not as impressed as I was with the lentils episode, this was still a quality show. Foodwise I was expecting more creativity, especially since the episode was described as dealing with leftovers. Seems to me the only leftovers were the tortillas and I am not generally a fan of corn tortillas (sorry, I'm a flour guy). I'm sure the 'lasagna' looked good to many other fans; just not my taste and not the typical Alton creativity.

On the other hand, the music and overall 'story' of the show were creative. I think Alton took his puppet theme one step further into live action this time around and it worked. The actress who played the Mother of Culinary Invention (or whatever the exact title was) did a wonderful job in holding my attention in this otherwise somewhat bland episode. The music was also in top form adn stands out as the best piece to this puzzle.

Maybe I'm just tainted by the Lentil show and my standards are too high now; or maybe I'm just too darn tired today. Anyhow, I'm going to think this one over a bit more and write a more thoughtful review.

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