Sunday, August 26, 2007

Catching up with Feasting on Asphalt

Sorry for the gap; after episode two I felt a bit put out. Other than the guy making file in his backyard, the episode didn't really seem to catch the flavor of the series. The fat Alton rolling on the ground made me wonder what was going through his mind at the time and why they kept that in the series. They could have cut this episode and I wouldn't have minded at all.

Soul Food Survivor, on the other hand, made up entirely for what was missing from Fry Me a River. It was one of the best episodes from either series. BBQ, tamales, and Kool-Aid pickles! I really enoy Alton's converations with the proprietors and cooks at htese local joints. It is fascinating to see how committed some of them are to their trade. It's as if they are on a mission and feel so strongly about what they are doing. For some it is the community, for others I think it is the relationships they build with their customers. Either way I believe there must be a warm, fuzzy feeling of satisfaction; at least on some days.
I'm tempted to crack open one of the jars of pickles I put up last week and add some cherry Kool-Aid and see what happens.

Take Me to the River: Well, I was busy grilling some NY strips and enjoying them with a few beers and some friends last night and missed the new episode. I was flipping through the TV guide today and noticed that episode three is on today but not the new one. Whoever has been doing the scheduling at Food Network lately has been driving me nuts! I need to get back to looking at DVD recorders and TiVo sometime soon.

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