Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Feasting on Asphalt 2: Strong Brown God

The long-awaited first episode of FOA2 was Saturday and I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed it. A good mix of Alton Brown, great scenery, and great local food.

As KimberlyKV mentioned in a post here, "There was a little too much fluff,...", referring to the scene outside Mulate's with the tourists gaggling around and his crew eating in the middle of the street. However, we both agree that the rest of the show went well. One has to wonder if Alton really thought he could just pop in at such a landmark restaurant on a busy night or if he had planned it that way in keeping with the 'unplanned ride' theme.

The other taste tests/interviews went much more smoothly. The guy at Big Fisherman cracked me up! All I could think of was Forrest Gump; espcially after eating at Bubba Gump's down in Charleston a few times. You have to admire the guy though; all that hard work and he has managed to build himself a good business from the bottom up. Reminds me of the local restaurants and farm stands around my hometown. There's nothing like getting to know the people who work there and being able to reward their hard work simply by being a steady customer.

The owners and employees at the other destinations, B&C Seafood, Bailey's Andouille, etc. all seemed to take pride in what they do and it's good to see some of that still out there. I'm glad Alton and his crew are able to get the word out there and hopefully bring in some business to the local establishments. Speaking of...if you are looking for info on any of the places from the show check out Alton's website for links. He has a guide broken down into episodes for easy navigation.

I'm looking forward to Saturday night!

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Davo said...

I like the rough edges. It is good to watch something real instead of the usual TV fare, saturated with editing and minus flavor.