Saturday, October 20, 2007

Alton Brown's Kitchen: Zevro Dispensers

I just picked up a pair of Zevro food dispensers at Target. I'm sure lots of you have noticed the retro-gumballmachine-like pods on Good Eats. I found them on the internet and was overjoyed that I could pick them up just down the street; unlike so many other cool products.

My interest started in the cereal line of thought, but then I realized I would take up the entire counter since my wife always has a minimum of six to eight different types of cereal on hand. Then my boss posed a great question to my group in a meeting last week regarding the barrel of pretzels I always keep on my desk for everybody, something to the effect of "Do you all stick your hands in there or dump some out onto a napkin?" I can't believe I never thought of that since I am typically concious of everything I touch in an office full of two hundred germ carriers! The Zevro immediately popped into my mind. I have a test batch of peanut M&Ms in one tumbler and Cherrios in the otehr and both work great. I was worried that too much candy, as if there is such a thing, would come out but it is just the right amount.

I paid about $30 for the double mill and the singles were $20 at Target. You can also order them through my Amazon link to the right if you can't find them, but in all honesty Target is probably your best bet on price.

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