Saturday, October 27, 2007

Good Eats, Pickles, and Alton Brown's Culinary Circus

I think the "culinary circus" comment from the Sour Kraut really summed up this episode. There was even one point where Alton was visibly laughing at his own antics. Probably one of my favorite episodes in the past season or two.

Having ventured into preserving this summer and enjoying my jars of pickles I really took interest in the fermentation method. It reminded my of my adventures in home brewing but a lot less work. Now I just need to find a good crock or two. The crock Alton inherited from his grandmother had the thoughtful addition of the weighted lid; I wonder if anybody makes them like that anymore? I'll have to keep my eyes open.

Darth Vader, again? Alton definitely has a favorite Star Wars character! I'm surprised I have seen a Darth Vader cookie jar on the set counter yet.

P.S. The Zevro dispensers I bought for work and been popular! Of course, working midnights I can't see who has been partaking of my treats, but the M&Ms are going much quicker than the roasted peanuts.

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