Saturday, November 17, 2007

Back to the Good Eats! Kinda Blue

Now Kinda Blue was definitely a good show! I couldn't stop laughing when Alton Brown pops into the grocery store on his time machine.

The recipe selection was good too. Some episodes are entertaining or witty but I'm not always interested in testing out the featured dishes. Blueberries, however, really had me glued to the TV. I appreciated the fact that he used some frozen blueberries since it was in the 30s outside and not a fresh blueberry to be found. This past spring I made blueberry jam from one of Alton's earlier shows with some frozen berries I had picked the previous summer and they had every bit of flavor as the fresh berries. Sadly, i didn't get out to pick any this summer, so I'll have to pick some from the grocery store freezer section.. I have to say that the Good Eats version of jam turned out better than two Ball recipes and two one I found on another canning website.

I've never used tapioca flour before, so maybe I'll pick some up for Alton's pie recipe and see if I notice any difference from regular flour.

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Anonymous said...

Hi -

I'm sorry this doesn't relate specifically to your post, but...I read somewhere that "Good Eats" contract is up at the end of this year. Do you know if it has been renewed? Is Alton still interested in producing more episodes?