Friday, February 1, 2008

Good Eats Chicken Wings for the Soul

Alton Brown not only did a wonderful job in the Wing and I episode, but he made me feel a whole lot better. I've been suffering from the flu this week and a good dose of Alton's somewhat insane humor brightened my day a bit. The Wing and I is a classic example of what goes right in a Good Eats episode. He had the science, the wit, and still spent a good deal of time on the cooking process. I swear that show was an hour long!

The science: when I first saw him in the plane I was wondering where his train of thought was running, but it made sense once he was on the ground with the professor and the variety of chickens. When Alton held out the wing to take a bbite I knew we were in a for a treat. I have to admit the x-ray of the chicken wing didn't help my flu-symptoms!

The humor: You can always tell when Alton is in stride with a show by how much he smiles or, in this case, starts laughing. It started with the chicken wing and increased with the hot sauce stimulation scene, then just kept steady from there on out. Did I hear a Pee-Wee Herman laugh when he pulled the wings out of the oven?!?!

The cooking: Classic Good Eats 'find an alternative/better' cooking method' process. Deep fry: No. Oven blast: not quite. Build a new cooking contraption and adapt use two methods: Good Eats! I'd be interested to hear about more uses for the Steel Lotus. (You can find instructions on his website) I was expecting him to go into some steamed veggies for a side or something along that line. But hey, that's another show.


Phil said...

You can find the recipe on his site? Where? I can't find *any* recipes on Love the guy's show, but his web site is inscrutable.

Ole de Cronche said...

Hi Phil! Thanks for stopping by!

You can find the current shows and corresponding recipes on the Food Network's Good Eats listing. I don't know if there's some copyright issue with the show recipes; that's probably why you can't buy his DVDs, etc. on his personal site either.

Phil said...

Well, there you go. Thanks.

Simon said...

Thanks for the link to his recipes as well!