Monday, February 4, 2008

New Good Eats Episode Tonight: Apple Pie

Apple of My Pie premieres Monday, February 4th at 8PM EST on Food Network. Check your local listings; they've been known to change things on me before!

While it's definitely not apple season out here in Michigan orchard country, a hot apple pie always sounds good; especially with ice cream! As always, Alton's take on a traditional recipe should be interesting since he's always trying to improve on techniques, cooking methods, etc. Click here to go to the crust and filling recipe from the show.

Good Eats -- Apple of My Pie is available on iTunes


Tablebread said...

unfortunately I missed this one. I discovered that the only thing that can beat AB is a good babysitter and the chance to go to dinner without kids :) I'm sure AB would understand.

it's me again. said...

I have made this pie 3 times now. It is AMAZING, however, no matter how hard I try I canNOT keep the inner juice from seeping out from somewhere along the edge, and therefore gluing itself to the pan. I have no problem digging it out with a spoon, but maybe I can get a quick fix for the seeping. I've tried some serious sealing techniques and it manages to beat me every time. Trying again this weekend!