Sunday, March 9, 2008

Alton Brown and Good Eats Updates

Alton Brown's busy this month with new Good Eats, the new Feasting on Asphalt II book, seminars, etc. Between filming multiple shows, traveling to seminars, and his family I wonder how he stays sane?! Maybe that question explains the Billy Graham title in his book list; or possibly the Caribbean locations for the upcoming Feasting on Asphalt III :-)

First of all the Good Eats! The corned beef epsisode is coming up Tuesday night, appropriately followed by the True Brew beer show for all of you preparing for a homegrown St. Patrick's Day. Then The Alton Crown Affair premieres Monday the 17th featuring crown roast of lamb. The Crown may be the last of this season, but they have been known to add shows, such as this one, to the list later on. I have no idea if there is any rationale to the way Food Network schedules Good Eats; the Good Eats Fanpage forum is probably the place to find out if anybody on Earth knows.

Seminars, etc. Alton Brown will be in Chicago this coming Saturday (15th) for a seminar at the Museum of Science and Industry. After that he's off to the Barnes & Noble and Borders in New York on March 27th for a book signing for the New FOA II book and a spot on Good Morning America the following day. April will see him retracing the River Run route for several more signings. Schedule at his site here

Finally, for all of you folks around Atlanta, Alton will be the hosting the Cobb County Public Library spring sundraiser; as a librarian I can really appreciate how much of a difference somebody like that came make for a fundraiser. He's still a local guy! March 29th, tickets $35.

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