Friday, June 6, 2008

New Good Eats Episode; Popovers

New Good Eats episode coming up Monday night on popovers. There was also an episode on dutch over cooking, which I've really been waiting for, last week. Luckily, I finally have a DVR and recorded it. Alton did a great job with this show; not too much fluff and a lot of good cooking. I may have to upgrade my dutch oven to the flat-top type for some fo the coal cooking soon. For those of you who are still suffering as I used to when missing a show; the Dutch over episode will air again later Monday night.

Besides having the DVR at my disposal; I also have a laptop on the way. Soon I'll be able to hold the baby, watch Good Eats, and play on the internet all at the same time! That should help out the blogging a bit :-) I'm eager to start my Feasting on Asphalt review project soon!

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