Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Feasting on Waves: Catching up

I was pleasantly surprised with the third installment of Feasting on Waves.  Not only did they get rid of a lot of the unnecessary travel clutter, but the parts of it they did show were more fluid and cohesive.  The content was also presented in a way that you could actually follow and Alton Brown himself was in much better form.  Ironically, this was the episode in Anguilla for which I found out they had made arrangements with the local tourist board.  Maybe that was what was needed to get this show rolling; more of a plan.

My favorite part was the hydroponic garden at the Cuisinart resort which reminded me of something you'd see on Good Eats; learning something new about food other than just how to cook it.  The lobster roast was also enjoyable from a Feasting series perspective in that it brought out the group mentality of the adventure.  No longer was it just Alton Brown with a hand-held camera; now it is about a group traveling in search of good, local food.  The essence of the Feasting theme.

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