Saturday, September 20, 2008

Feasting on Waves: The Plan

Well, as many of us have noticed, Feasting on Waves definitely has a more 'planned' feel than the wandering based on tips and suggestions seen in Feasting on Asphalt.  Today I ran across this article in an Anguilla news site that mentions how their tourism board and a NY public relations company set up the FOW team visit.  This just reinforces my opinion that Feasting on Waves should have been more removed from the Feasting line and marketed as a different type of series.

Click here to read the article


Will said...

That is so disappointing.

Tablebread said...

I live overseas so I don't get to watch FOW in real time but I have yet to hear than anyone is happy with it. This is VERY disappointing for an AB fan such as myself.

From the sounds of it I would agree that this may have done AB more justice if it was marketed under a different program.

Rich C. said...

Tablebread! How goes it in Italy? I'll have to see if you;re back to blogging since you moved.

The Best of the Caribbean or Foods of the Caribbean may have been a better series; cut all of the pseudo travel-adventure and make a one hour program chock full of Good Eats. Alton seems like he's really out of his element socially in this one; his antics are a bit too forced. He really doesn't seem comfortable. We'll see if tonight's episode goes better than the last two.

Tablebread said...

Rich - I'm back by brotha! Blogging and all. I took about a 6 month hit there making the transition but I finally got settled in. Because I was missing me some AB when we got here my wife bought me the first two seasons on DVD. Good stuff. It has AB commentary after each episode where he does show trivia and a little Q&A. I highly recommend. I watched the first episode where he shows up on a motorcycle ("Circle of Life" - homemade doughnuts) He talked about in the commentary that he did that to try and write off some of his motorcycle in taxes but they wouldn't let him. Pretty funny stuff.