Monday, September 15, 2008

Feasting on Waves: Episode Two

Well, still not feeling the 'open road' sense from the Feasting on Asphalt series with this take.  It seems more like an unedited version of a 'Best of Caribbean Local Cuisine' show with all of the disjointed travel.  Maybe it would be better without the traveling aspect since there is no flow.  In FOA there was a sense of a group of guys on a road trip; seeking out adventure and classic road food.  With this series there is not really a group feel; just Alton being obnoxious and interrupting the people he's interviewing; seems a bit impatient and left out trying to hold his own.  Doesn't seem himself; as in comfortable self or anywhere near Good Eats self.  [Weather's bad, he's got a printed off piece of paper of things he'd like to see while dressed up as a stereotypical American tourist with a video camera]  A visit from Deb Duchon would do this series well and slow the pace down.  I don't feel I remember much of what I just watched.  Not that it isn't interesting, but it's just too random.  How many islands were in this episode?  I lost track.


Will said...

Yeah, I starting to wonder if I should even bother to watch anymore of it.

Tablebread said...

Man that sucks. It had such great potential too. Americans really do not know how to consume fish and this could have been the perfect inlet of information to encourage the habit of fish consumption. Well, with all respect to the great AB - You can't win 'em all.