Monday, November 17, 2008

New Good Eats: American Classics; Creole in a Bowl

I'm running behind this week; my parents are in town and have been showering their first grandchild with lots of attention.  Anyhow, new Good Eats episode tonight (just recorded it).  Red beans and rice; should be right up Alton's alley with vague Southern roots.  Besides, all of his neighbors will give him heck if he screws up :-)

Lots of extra Alton bits on this week on Food Network.  Last night there was an Iron Chef America special for all of those following that show.  There are also special holiday episodes just about every night this week featuring Alton all of your other favorite (and not so favorite) FN hosts.

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Will said...

Missed it, but from what I've seen of Mr. Brown lately, I haven't missed much. Born in California and raised around Atlanta isn't exactly an environment conducive towards the production of red beans and rice. That's a Louisiana thing. will have to catch the repeat.