Thursday, December 11, 2008

Alton Brown and Chris Cognac versus the Monster Burger

A friend asked me about the picture I posted of the police officer attacking Alton Brown with a giant hamburger.  I had a good laugh; I guess it does look a bit like a case of food police brutality.  I'm sure most of you recognized the scene from the final day of Feasting on Asphalt, though some may not be familiar with the details.  The burger is the Monster Royal from B&R Old Fashion Burgers(FOA clip on their site)and the officer is Chris Cognac.

Chris is a full time police officer in the LA area and also a popular food critic writing reviews for the local newspaper and other sources.  He also hosted the Hungry Detective series on Food Network and has been on Iron Chef America; reruns of HD air intermittently during the morning hours.  I had a chance to talk to him on a Good Eats forum and he was as friendly and genuine as he appears on TV.

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Why thank you!

Chris Cognac