Friday, February 13, 2009

Alton Brown's Orange Sherbet

Being that I'm in the middle of my annual winter orange binge, I decided to mix it up a bit and test out Alton Brown's orange sherbet recipe.  Yeah, it's freezing cold, but I love my frozen treats!

A few alterations were implemented, but it turned out just fine.  I had to guess on the sugar.  I don't have a kitchen scale (bad Good Eats fan!) so I just converted it from 7 ounces to just under a cup.  I also do not have a juicer, so I went with 2 cups of good old fashioned bottled OJ.  For mixing it together I used my blender instead of pulling the Cuisinart out and having yet more thing sto clean around the kitchen; seems to have done the job.  As far as the freezing goes; I have an ice cream bowl for my trusty Kitchen Aid mixer.  After about 25 minutes, the mix had reached soft serve consistency and went into the freezer for later enjoyment.

I found the sherbet to be a little on the hard side, so it needs to sit and soften for a few minutes.  True to the lawyer scene on the Good Eats episode, it does produce killer headaches!  The sherbet was delicious, but one alteration i would make is to either use just a little more whole milk or add some cream to round out the texture.

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John from Raleigh said...

I have to agree.... Bad bad "good eats" fan, you don't have a kitchen scale. aaaaarrrrggghhhh...

If I was not currently unemployed I would stroke you $20 to get one.

Great blog by the way....