Monday, February 2, 2009

New Good Eats Episode Monday: Orange Aid

Alton Brown brings us the perfect ingredient during the cold of winter: Oranges!  I have been going through several every week, but never give any thought to doing something other than peeling and eating.  Recipes in this Good Eats include orange marmalade, sherbet, and 'orange delicious.'  Could the Delicious be Alton's version of an Orange Julius?

Food Network's description: "Oranges aren't just for juice any more as host Alton Brown explores their symphony of flavors to create a classic drink , a tasty topping and a creamy cold dessert."

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Pastor Don said...

It would be wonderful to be able to read one of these pages, but there seems to be a pop-up (which I seemingly cannot block) preventing me from reading the page. So, this was my first and will be my last visit to this very irritating Web site.