Monday, May 25, 2009

Tuesday Night Alton Brown Extravaganza

There will be plenty of Alton Brown to go around on Food Network Tuesday night!  First, there is a new Good Eats epsiode at 8:30 followed by Dear Food Netowrk Grilling featunring AB at 9:00.

Good Eats: Tender is the Pork will be featuring grilled pork tenderloin and pork Wellington.  The grilled tenderloin looks like nice and easy grill fodder while the Wellington would be agreat for a more formal dinner.

All-American Style Grilling is Alton Brown's featured episode of Dear FN Grilling.  The majority of the show should be centered on Alton, but there are a couple of other hosts listed under the recipe section such as, Giada and Big Daddy.  Alton will be grilling up some burgers and ribs, then breaks out the Dutch oven for a grilled fruit clafoutis.


Mise En Place said...

Hey, stopped by to say hi to a fellow AB and GE fan :)

Wasn't the pork episode great?

One SAHD Dude said...

Hey! Yeah, I enjoyed this round of the other white meat. AB is definitely a pork fan. I might attempt the pork Wellington this weekend.

Anonymous said...

The pork loin show was great, I'm going to try the Wellington style next time.

The grilling show was a big disappointment (that they won't stop replaying!!).

I don't like Aaron McCargo, don't watch his show, don't think he should have won, and anyone who watches the Neely's knows the Big Daddy title was long ago taken.