Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Tuesday's Ups and Downs

On the upside: Lots of Alton Brown and a great Good Eats episode.
On the downside: Stupid Food Network special.

I was really dissappointed with the Dear Food Network Grilling show.  I don't know why Food Network feels they have to dumb down a show like that when it's a great opportunity to really pull in their audience.  Oh wait, I guess I do.  Like other networks, History and Discovery Channels in particular, they have fallen away from their core purpose and are just trying to crank out reality shows to compete for ratings.  Good Eats is really the only cooking show left on prime time and I fear for Alton's future. Come on FN!  Give Alton a full hour for Good Eats or at least give him some not so dumbed-down airtime for all the people who still watch your network for cooking shows.  That's right, I don't want to see another effing cake decorating show.

Well, at least we still have Good Eats and last night's show was a good one.  The chicken and pig masks were a little odd, but the two port tenderloin recipes looked good and it was not over complicated like some of AB's concoctions can be.  The pork Wellington looked particularly good and I may just have to give it a go this weekend.  I'm not big on dried fuit in dishes, so I'll prolly just add some more savory goodness to kick up the flavor.


David Fair said...

I happened to have a pork tenderloin ready, and after watching the show, made the Wellington. It was really very good. Simple to do, tasted and looked fantastic. The loin I used was a little larger than recommended, but my wife and kids gobbled it up.

The prosciutto flavor was great, and the apples were a nice touch; I suggest you give them a try.

I did add a little sage to the thyme, and threw in some red chili flakes as well. A little heat never hurt anyone.

Nice blog, btw, I just started reading...

One SAHD Dude said...

David, thanks for stopping by! I didn't try the Wellington yet; had too much in the fridge already this week. It's definitely on my list for next week though. I may just try the dried apples on half in case I don't like them. I planted my herb garden last week, so I have a good selection for bumping up the flavors.