Monday, June 8, 2009

Alton Brown and the Secret Good Eats Episode

OK, something fishy is going on with Good Eats, and I'm not talking about sustainable seafood here.  The next new episode, Undercover Veggies, has some curious listings.  I was flipping through the cable listings to set my DVR for the week and noticed the new episode airing at 3:AM Tuesday morning!  So, when exactly is this show airing?  Well, the Food Network listings have some gaps too, so I'll have to speculate a bit here.

FN lists FN Challenge at 7PM, and GE Pantry Raid X at 8:30PM
Comcast lists Pantry Raid X at 8:00PM and Will Work for Food at 8:30PM
Comcast also lists GE Undercover Veggies at 3:00AM while FN has a gap between Unwrapped and GE

My guess is that Alton Brown has pulled a fast one on us and the secretive veggie show will be airing at 8:00 or 8:30 tonight and again at 3AM.  I've set my DVR for multiple times to catch it!

So, about the show?  Undercover Veggies is about hiding veggies in your kids' food.  Made me think something was up right away.  On the menu: parsnip muffins, 'pearsnip' sauce, and parsnip crisps.

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stephanie said...

I stayed up to watch this episode. Classic ab good eats. This features his extreamly "smart" neice Makes a bet that he can not get her to eat a vegitable. She only likes eating potatoes... ab accepts the bet and. Tells her she will be asking for more when he gets through with her...