Saturday, June 13, 2009

Alton Brown's Pork Wellington

Alton Brown's pork Wellington is now on my list of regular meals.  It was easy to make, did not require any rare ingredients or off the wall methods, and was fairly cheap.  I figure I spent around $8 for the ingredients to create an arguably fancy dish.  I'll have to wow some guests with this one!
(excuse the bad dough rolling)

The prep work was easy and quick.  Just thaw some puff pastry, trim and slice the tenderloin lengthwise, lay out the prosciutto and you're ready to roll.  Well, almost, the rolling comes later.  For many of AB's recipes I often use a lot of substitutions, but this time there were only minor adjustments.  I used fresh thyme and basil from my herb garden and some of my favorite mustard from Cherry Republic.  Now, time to roll!  The prosciutto slices I had were from the end, so it took quite a few to cover the loin.  Then into the puff pastry with a little egg wash and into the oven.  Cooking time was spot on.  I went with 30 minutes since I don't like pork underdone.  The crust was perfectly golden, except that it was blown out the bottom a bit.  There was a good bit of grease inside, so I propped it up on a cookie rack to drain and cool.

How did it taste?  Awesome!  The mustard really gives it a nice finish.  Thanks Alton!

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